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Posted: 21/12/2017 in Brighton
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It’s been a long time since I took a flight and didn’t share that fact on Facebook. Sitting waiting for the flight this morning, I reflected on the fact that normally at these moments for the last 10 years or so, I have written a Facebook update to say where I am and where I am going and to complain about something or other about being in an airport.

Today, instead, I was able to think about other things – in particular about my journey ahead and how I will be spending the next few days with family and friends. Friends, in some cases, I haven’t seen for a number of years. Others, in London and York who have become regular fixtures on my UK travels. Refreshing.

Of course, there are things to complain about – but honestly, do you really need me to tell you about them again? You have heard it every time I travel for so often I expect you are mostly bored by these things (at least those who I had as friends on Facebook have). Besides, most people travel and the many things that irritate me also irritate them.

This morning’s flight is from Schönefeld to Gatwick with Easyjet. Everything was easy today, easy arrival, easy security (although as normal, I was subject to the “random” explosives check – let’s say I am randomly picked around 9 times out of 10 even since dispensing with my bearded terrorist look – to be honest, I don’t think it was ever fashionable), easy boarding, and easy bag storage near my seat. Easy peasy. However, this morning’s take-off is not so easy. Not Easyjet’s fault but the weather over the UK. Brexit weather, no doubt. Foggy times in Gatwick and foggy times ahead. We will be delayed by an hour and 10 minutes – latest estimate.

So I am taking the opportunity to write a blog post. A reader of my blog (you are so few) recently expressed surprise about me sharing my thoughts and stories in a blog which is perhaps even less personal than doing so on Facebook. I must admit that I hadn’t ever really thought about that, but she is right. This blog can be read by anyone – the fact that it isn’t is immaterial, there is that possibility. On the other hand, my facebook posts could only be read by my Facebook friends – who in the main were in reality friends, with one or two exceptions who were virtual friends. So is there a contradiction here? I think probably not. The fact that I write and want to be read is evident to anyone who knows me. Writing status updates or even notes on Facebook was never satisfying, and in some ways pretty much disappointing. Yes, some of my friends read my witterings, liked them, and in some cases commented on them. But, there was the disappointment of not seeing “likes” from people who I wanted to read the post. Blogging on the other hand is different. In the main, I don’t know who has or has not taken the time to read a blog post. I am happy when someone likes it and happier still when someone comments on it – but at the same time, I don’t really care as much. That seems, at least to me, to be better.

My Xmas trip this year takes in Brighton, London, York, Scarborough and Bradford. Friends first, then family. It’s quite a lot to fit into seven days, and I’ll be ready to return to Treacle and Dasha for a relaxing New Year. They are being looked after by two relatively new friends until Christmas Eve, and then by a “professional” cat sitter for three days before I return home. It’s always good to know they are in safe hands and with other cat lovers. Last night, after introductions, they were already quite comfortable with new people. Dasha in particular has come a long way in just over one year with us.

No wi-fi on board this Easyjet flight, so no easy upload to my blog. Easiness is not everywhere, but with a bit of luck, it will be easy enough to do when I arrive in the UK. Take it easy over the Christmas period, and hopefully you’ll also have a free and easy journey into 2018.

Postscript. I have arrived in Brighton and have some time to kill before meeting my friend from Italy who now lives here. I go straight to the vegan cafe I found a couple of days ago on the internet (via a short detour, commonly known as ‘getting lost’) only to find it is closed. There is a sign on the door saying they are closed for Christmas. They have a website. This is shoddy. I find another cafe just up the road from there. They have a vegan breakfast on offer, but I don’t really want such a big meal right now. I ask for vegan cake. They don’t have any left, but the waitress suggests the vegan breakfast. I say, no, I don’t want something that big. She offers me a croissant filled with bacon and cheese instead. Fucktard. I decline. I take a double espresso and ask for the wi-fi password. The wi-fi is currently not working. A woman comes in with her young daughter and they sit behind me. The daughter’s name is “Ova”. She is told constantly that she will like the chocolate caramel cake which she refuses to try. Eventually she does. She doesn’t. She is tired and grumpy. Bloody hell, so would I be if my parents had called me Ova. Poor kid. My friend tells me “That’s Brighton!” A cup of Earl Grey later, and I’m again ready to brave the greyness of Brighton in December.